The Thing that Makes the Thing: An Exploration of Algorithmic and Generative Design Processes

Written, designed and built by Joe Atkin Continue

The design of this publication is inspired by generative principles. You are encouraged to read not only the thesis text but explore the additional references and content that will be displayed as you read. As you do so, a generative piece of artwork will grow and respond to your interaction.

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"The Thing that Makes the Thing" is an exploration into generative and algorithmic design approaches, whereby the designer seeks to define a process or formula that facilitates the creation of a product, rather than designing the product directly. This publication has been designed with these principles in mind; you are encouraged to read the main text but also engage in your own process of discovery by exploring the additional references and links. The generative artwork on the contents page will respond to your interaction with content. Its movement is defined by Ken Perlin's noise algorithm. The typefaces used in this publication reference two individuals whose ideas have influenced both my dissertation and practice. Donald Knuth's 'CMU Serif' (created using his Metafont system) and a contemporary interpretation of Karl Gerstner's 'Programm', courtesy of Dinamo Typefaces.